Part NumberPart Description
9200-01Red, One Color
9200-02Red, Two Colors
9200-03Red, Three Colors
9200-04Red, Four Colors
9202-01One Color, White
9202-02White, Two Colors
9202-03White, Three Colors
9202-04White, Four Colors
9204-01One Color, Blue
9204-02Two Colors, Blue
9204-03Blue, Three Colors
9204-04Blue, Four Colors
9206-01One Color, Yellow
9206-02Two Colors, Yellow
9206-03Three Colors, Yellow
9206-04Yellow, Four Colors
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Screen-Printed Jr. Flags

Ordering is easy: Simply choose the flag color, then add the appropriate two-digit code from the following::

01 = One Ink Color

02 = Two Ink Colors

03 = Three Ink Colors

04 = Four Ink Colors
Number of Ink Colors:

Product SKU: 9200-