Putting Cups

Big Cup Golf

Play Faster. Score Better. Great for Beginners.

Cup Stop

By inserting this rigid plastic disk into the bottom of the cup, the cup will not sink into the green once it is set.

Custom Decal for Ever-White Sleeve

Now you can customize your Ever-White Cups

Eight Inch Cup

An 8-inch cup is a great way to grow the game.

Ever-White Cup

The Ever-White Cup eliminates the need to strip, sand and repaint cups. Easily keep a white cup all season.

Ever-White Cup Replacement Sleeves

Case of 18 (Sleeves not sold individually)

Foam Cup Riser

Par Aide’s new Foam Cup Riser is the cleanest, most attractive way to adjust cup hole height and reduce touchpoints with the flagstick and cup.

Painting Disks

set of 50

Pink Aluminum Cups

For those special events

Pink Ever-White Sleeves

For special events

Plastic Putting Cup

6 in. (15.2 cm) Regulation Cup

Practice Green Plastic Putting Cup

Change out your Practice Green Putting Cups on a regular basis. Give golfers a nice white cup to put to.

Regulation Aluminum Putting Cup

Give golfers the classic white aluminum cup.

Regulation Zinc Cup

Regulation Zinc Cup