Part NumberPart Description
1002-1Scalloped, Inside Edge, No Bubble Level
1002-19Scalloped, Inside Edge, Bubble Level
1002-2Scalloped, Outside Edge, No Bubble Level
1002-29Scalloped, Outside Edge, Bubble Level
1002-3Straight, Inside Edge, No Bubble Level
1002-39Straight, Inside Edge, Bubble Level
1002-4Straight, Outside Edge, No Bubble Level
1002-49Straight, Outside Edge, Bubble Level
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Foot Extraction Hole Cutter

The best and most popular hole cutter in the business. Components are a combination of cast aluminum and steel to maximize strength and minimize weight.
  • Each hole cutter is made individually, by hand.
  • Hardened steel blades are heat-treated to resist rock damage. They’re so strong, a high-speed drill or grinding wheel must be used for sharpening.
  • Blades are dip-treated to add corrosion resistance.
  • Par Aide’s attention to detail assures the precision of the cutting blade.
  • Choose from foot or lever extraction for plug removal.
Blade Type:
Blade Position:
Bubble Level:Bubble LevelNo Bubble Level

Product SKU: 1002-1