Part NumberPart Description
720-075Individual, 3 Stripe Red & White
720-0759Box of 9, 3 Stripe Red & White
725-075Individual, 2 Stripe Red & White
725-0759Box of 9, 2 Stripe Red & White
745-075Individual, Bright Yellow with 30 in. Black Bottom
745-0759Box of 9, Bright Yellow with 30 in. Black Bottom
747-075Individual, 2 Stripe Black & Yellow
747-0759Box of 9, 2 Stripe Black & Yellow
750-075Individual, 3 Stripe Black & White
750-0759Box of 9, 3 Stripe Black & White
752-075Individual, 2 Stripe Black & White
752-0759Box of 9, 2 Stripe Black & White
754-075Individual, Bright White with 30 in. Black Bottom
754-0759Box of 9, Bright White with 30 in. Black Bottom
755-075Individual, 3 Stripe Green & White
755-0759Box of 9, 3 Stripe Green & White
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1/2 in. Striped Regulation Flagsticks

Our exclusive patented ferrule design eliminates 66% of the friction and allows sand and soil to pass through, which eliminates sticking.  The precise taper of the ferrule keeps the flagsticks standing straight with less wobble.  Matched with a Par Aide Cup, it's an unbeatable combination.

Custom patterns and colors available. Contact Par Aide for details.


Product SKU: 720-059