Part NumberPart Description
5660-01Ground Under Repair
5660-02Tee Area Closed
5660-03Keep Carts on Path
5660-04No Carts Past Here
5660-05Please Repair Ball Marks
5660-06Drop Area
5660-07Putting Green Closed
5660-08Please Keep Off
5660-09Carts =>
5660-10Next Tee =>
5660-11Observe 90° Rule
5660-12No Carts
5660-13Native Area No Carts
5660-14No Chipping
5660-15Drop Zone
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Wood Directional Signs

These classic wood signs immediately upgrade the character of any golf course. Each sign is individually hand oiled to maintain the rich hardwood color and features two stainless steel spikes. The most popular signage captions are available. Call Par Aide at 888-893-2433 for more details.


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