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5380Sign Only
5380-0Number Pack - #0 (Pack of 4)
5380-1Number Pack - #1 (Pack of 4)
5380-2Number Pack - #2 (Pack of 4)
5380-3Number Pack - #3 (Pack of 4)
5380-4Number Pack - #4 (Pack of 4)
5380-5Number Pack - #5 (Pack of 4)
5380-6Number Pack - #6 (Pack of 4)
5380-7Number Pack - #7 (Pack of 4)
5380-8Number Pack - #8 (Pack of 4)
5380-9Number Pack - #9 (Pack of 4)
5381Replacement Back Panel
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Par 3 Distance Sign

Give golfers the exact distance to the hole from each tee with this gorgeous wood sign. Place it at the cart path, near the bottom of a hill or right next to your tee markers. Whichever you choose, you will be reducing golfers pace of play by assisting in their club selection prior to approaching the tee!

Product SKU: 5380